nature photography

Magic light

Sun sets on the interior of a Gaspereau Valley forest where snowshoe hares, coyotes, foxes, red squirrels, and barred owls are abundant.

Walking in Nova Scotia can occur at any time of the year. However, if you wish to discover things that you don’t ordinarily see, then winter is a great time to get out. It’s in a patch of Acadian forest like this that you can smell the difference between balsam fir, hemlock and white pine. Just crush some needles and compare. This time of year is good to look through the forest of trees to discover raptor, owl, and other perching bird nests that may not have been discovered previously. Most of all, the fresh snowfalls that we receive are like an eraser on the forest floor. Every few days, it seems, the surface of the snow receives a fresh cleaning - a melt followed by a new dusting of snow. We start to notice the frequent travels of snowshoe hare and red squirrels, perhaps a short-tailed weasel, coyotes and foxes. Stories in the snow - a good reason to get out for magic light.