The development of well-crafted tourism experiences is different from creating a traditional tour. Using the Earth Rhythms Experiential Tourism Product Development Framework©, you will be provided with a series of well-tried tools, ingredients, templates and video-based coaching. Tourism businesses are led through a series of assignments, provided with feedback, and coached to develop a new and differentiated experience that fits into their business. Whether you are a hotel operator, producer (farm, orchard, winery), tour operator, chef, museum coordinator, or an artist, you will understand how to create experiences that are tailored to your operation. Over several weeks, the assignments you are provided lead you through an assessment of your potential audience, assist you to create an itinerary that uses well-tested techniques for shifting from a traditional tour to a series of hands-on, engaging experiences. You will receive a powerful spreadsheet to price the new experience, and advice regarding marketing tactics appropriate to take your experience to market. The result is a fully costed, priced, experience that you can immediately test and take to market.

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As an interpreter at a National Park working in the cultural history of the local area, I knew Celes was the right person to help me reimagine and shape my experience into something more impactful and valuable for my audience.

Celes has a process of working with you and understanding your core values, even before you can fully articulate them. His way of asking questions is a process of discovery which opens up so many new and exciting perspectives. Celes then helps you make a solid foundation under the possibilities, and his level of coaching will let you take ideas into practicality with thoughtful, honest and innovative detail that works. From my coaching I developed a new program for my audience, new ways to interpret my programs for the future, and a new perspective on sustainable tourism that fits my values and my cultural history.
— Jill Francis, Nova Scotia
As a wood artisan, I was looking for ways to diversify my business by offering more than just a physical wood product. I wanted to interact with customers on a pure and familiar level, offering the opportunity to spend the day in the woodshop and depart feeling a connection to me and my work. I wanted to offer an experience that would stimulate conversation in the woodshop and beyond. The concept was just a small acorn in my mind and I didn’t know how to put it into action. Enter Celes Davar of Earth Rhythms. Upon my first video interaction with Celes, I knew I had just met the sun, the rain, and the soil that my vision, a tiny acorn, needed to grow into a strong and beautiful tree.

Celes took a deep look at my concept, breaking it down piece by piece. He noted parts that were sound, while offering constructive analysis in areas he knew could be improved. Celes does this in the most genuine of ways; he teases the ideas out of you! Sharing my enthusiasm for the idea, he asked provocative and thoughtful questions that allowed him to discover what was important to my vision. His positivity, passion, commitment and ability to nurture an idea proves his merit as a coach. Through Celes’ coaching, I was able to turn a promising vision into a versatile product and then put it to market. Every workshop I have offered thus far has SOLD OUT! Not only have I added value to my business and my products, I now have a growing list of experiencers waiting to register for my next Tree to Table offering. Celes and Success go hand in hand!
— Dave Schonberger, Ottercreek Woodworks Inc., Ontario