Celes Davar

Celes Davar, Experience Designer

Celes Davar, Experience Designer

Celes Davar is a biologist, photographer and walker. He is passionate about connecting people in his community to those who wish to learn about local culture, art, live music, and food. He’s a foodie, who loves preparing food, learning about food culture, and introducing guests to local foods. He is also a lover of live roots and folk music believing that our songwriters today are some of our best contemporary poets.

Celes is a guide, choreographer, and storyteller. He is trained as a biologist and as an international climate change presenter (Climate Reality Leadership Corp). He is dedicated to coaching and helping local people share stories about their life, culture, and what they love doing as life-work. He works throughout Canada helping people and their communities express their traditions as stories and interactive experiences for travellers.

His company is award-winning, having won the Travel Manitoba award of distinction for leadership in tourism when they were resident in Manitoba. He is well-known as a facilitator, storyteller, and guide throughout Atlantic Canada. He is passionate about exploring ways for us to lower our ecological footprint. He and his wife live in an energy efficient Passive House designed by their son. They drive low emission vehicles.

For over 22 years, they have been influencing chefs, caterers, transportation companies, and guides to practice zero waste, and use local foods as part of all menus.

I believe that our communities have unique stages for experiences, that are intimate, authentic and speak to the community’s core values. Our experiences are designed to use community facilities and little known nature-based locations as part of the overall visit to our destination.
— Celes Davar


Susan Davar

Susan Davar.jpeg

Susan Davar is a functional potter whose work over the past thirty years has evolved into the use of medium-fired stoneware and porcelain clays that highlight unique glazes and slip trailings overlain on a variety of functional forms including teapots, vases, platters, bowls, and mugs. Her work is inspired by their location where Acadian forests, the Bay of Fundy and the Gaspereau Valley intersect.

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Duncan Ebata


Duncan Ebata is a social entrepreneur, community host and food community builder. Formerly a digital marketer, he is passionate about helping others to get more joy out of food, kitchen coaching in their home, and lower the barriers to healthy eating. He has been active with Slow Food Canada and Slow Food Nova Scotia and travels the world learning from slow food experiences. He is excited about wood-fired cooking, and is active in finding ways for the community around Wolfville to prepare food together through unique events and team building activities.


Lori McCarthy

Lori McCarthy CodSounds.jpg

Lori McCarthy from St. John’s, Newfoundland is dedicated to the cultural foods of Newfoundland and Labrador through her company Cod Sounds and the Livyers Cultural Alliance. Lori has been listed as a hidden gem in National Geographic, and has been written up in Coastal Living as one of the eight great excursions in North America. She is the recipient of the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Innovator Award for 2017. She is a forager, storyteller, and wants to pass on Newfoundland’s culture of food gathering to the next generation. Lori is a collaborator with Earth Rhythms, offering expertise and knowledge about woodland and coastal foraging and wild foods.



Duncan Ebata


Duncan is a Japanese and Italian Canadian and grew up always creating a fusion of his diverse cultural backgrounds. He’s passionate about creating new Canadian food that reflects local ingredients and the diverse food culture of Canada. He enjoys teaching others about his joy for using local ingredients and foods from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley region, a diverse agricultural region, with access to both marine and terrestrial wild and cultivated foods. “As a relatively new country, we’re making up Canada’s food culture based on what is foraged that is local, and what is locally grown with a blend of international flavours.” Duncan is a global traveller and slow food enthusiast, and brings ideas that he shares as guide and food storyteller.

Adam Barnett


Adam Barnett is a hiker, cyclist, entrepreneur, community collaborator, and writer. He believes in the value of spending time in nature, and has established his home in the Gaspereau Valley, where he is able to make meaningful connections with friends and colleagues. He loves good food, and loves being at the intersection of where people make and share food together, often accompanied by live music, songs, or dance. He has spent time honing his guiding instincts while leading small-group cycling tours all over eastern Canada, showing off the local regions while providing tasteful comforts along the way. Adam is passionate about helping connect others to the people and places he loves, both in the Gaspereau Valley and beyond. His knowledge of the area provides for intimate and meaningful experiences, connecting guests with inspiring landscapes and fascinating local folks.