Welcome to Earth Rhythms, an award-winning boutique Nova Scotia experiential tourism company dedicated to fostering travel conversations and custom immersive experiences with creative people in out-of-the-way places where we live beside the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis and Gaspereau Valleys. The low mountains and rich agricultural valleys beside the marine environment of the Minas Basin (part of the Bay of Fundy) have created a climate where Acadian forests, orchards, vineyards, organic farms thrive offering intersecting walking trails and intimate viewpoints of coastal shorelines, highland forests, waterfalls, and Acadian historical dikes. Mi’Kmaq, Acadians, Black Nova Scotians, and settler communities have evolved with different relationships to the land and sea over time. Since 1996, we have been crafting experiences all over Canada. Celes Davar, owner and president, provides customized facilitated training and community-based experiential tourism training throughout Canada. More

Custom Day Trips


A day trip simply takes a part or full day. It’s your choice. Tell us how long you have, and we can discuss options for how long it takes to travel, what we might do, where we might go walking, eat, and what we might make. This helps us to make choices about which “makers” you will meet. Makers are creative people who make things, books, songs, or food. They are passionate, and happy to share.

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Meet Us


Celes Davar is a biologist, photographer, walker, and storyteller. He is passionate about connecting people in his community to those who wish to learn about culture, art, and live music in Nova Scotia. Through walking, he and his fellow guides help travellers develop insights about our relationship to local ecology, landscapes, and the planet. He’s a foodie, and loves learning about and introducing guests to local food cultural traditions, often with a twist. He is also a lover of live roots and folk music believing that our songwriters today are some of our best contemporary poets.

More About Us

Slow travel is how we describe it. An opportunity to wander with a guide, meet local folks, and travel short distances to walk and discover the Bay of Fundy, an orchard, a vineyard, or part of the hemlock forest along a brook. Making something hands-on as part of your experience is part of the adventure. It’s how you can remember the trip and share it with others.

Earth Rhythms Experiences


Earth Rhythms guides and their community partners offer off-the-beaten track western Nova Scotia walking experiences. This handcrafted combination of guided walking, storytelling, picnics or food stops feature locally sourced foods, wines and ciders from the Annapolis Valley, and hands-on immersion and engagement with makers, artists, scientists and food producers who love living here. There are planned and unplanned moments of discovery and encounters.

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How does it work?


Booking an experience involves telling us a little about yourselves and what you want to do, requesting desired dates, and the size of your group. We will follow up to contact you to discuss what you have identified, and then get back to you with our availability and a firm quotation with all fees identified.

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Celes Davar is one of Canada’s leaders in experiential tourism. Over 22 years, he has helped many businesses and communities in Manitoba, Alberta, Newfoundland, Ontario, PEI and Nova Scotia to develop and launch new experiences that reflect their unique stories. These workshops, presentations, and coaching sessions involve a variety of learning techniques and approaches creating immediate results. They are highly experiential, involve skill development, and capacity building within a community team, and are meant to inspire local people to collaborate. Learn More

The Canadian experience is about boreal woodlands, grasslands, mountains, great lakes, rivers, three great oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic), the wisdom and traditions of indigenous peoples interacting with these ecosystems. More recently European and other settlers have brought elements of their cultures. In each part of Canada, we have opportunities to learn about what makes each place and its culture distinct. It is through this pan-Canadian lens that we offer storytelling and experiences about Nova Scotia that are interactive and immersive.
— Celes Davar