Working with a community team over six to nine months, Celes coaches three to five new experiences into existence by coaching skilled local people how to coach the development of new experiences. Using best practices in Responsible Tourism, food menus, logistics, transportation, zero waste and use of local foods are integrated into the workshop. An advance Reconnaissance Visit in the community is followed by coaching of new experiences. A subsequent Pilot Visit to review the new experiences in the community takes place a couple of months before the actual training workshop for tourism industry partners and stakeholders. An intensive facilitated three-day onsite training session occurs for a maximum of 30 participants engaging them in experiential learning about experiential tourism, taking part in the new experiences, and providing them with a process and tools to create new experiences.

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As a community collaborates and is facilitated to c0-create experiences for an onsite 3-day training, there are many benefits. The following provides an insight into how Ontario’s Southwest tourism region sees the benefits of this kind of experiential tourism capacity building.

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