A day trip involves part of or a full day. Tell us how long you have, and what kinds of things you might be interested in doing. We’d love to know if you like getting off the beaten track to walk and explore coastal areas, forest, or waterfalls, trying out some new foods with culinary artists, or meeting cool local folks to create special take-home gifts. We'll provide options for what to do, where you might go, walking opportunities, eating in out of the way non-traditional places, who we might meet that you would be interested in, and what we might do with them. This will help us to make choices about which “makers” you will meet. Makers are creative people who live here. They are inventive and make things like books, songs, and grow, forage or prepare food. They are passionate, love what they create, and are happy to share their stories.

A day trip involves some driving, some walking (to get a feel for the land and sea), conversations and shared stories, and opportunities to stop for photographs. We’ll provide picnics and beverages that are locally inspired in zero waste containers. We’ll have a few tools for learning about the landscape (maps, satellite photos, and other props). This is your adventure. We are specialists in crafting fine custom day adventures, with 23 years of craftsmanship under our belts.

Here are some of the people you may encounter as part of your day outing:

Barred owl specialist
Master herbalist
Organic food producer

Apple grower