Celes Davar is one of Canada’s leaders in experiential tourism. Over 22 years, he has helped many people and communities in Manitoba, Alberta, Newfoundland, Ontario, PEI and Nova Scotia to develop and launch new experiences that reflect their unique stories. These workshops involve a variety of learning techniques and approaches. They are highly experiential, involve skill development and capacity building within a community team, and are meant to inspire local people to collaborate.

Using principles of Appreciative Inquiry, experiential learning, and sustainability, these workshops involve advance planning with a community-based team, co-development of an experience or experiences that are launched as part of the workshop or training, and a host of interactive creative exercises designed to help anchor the learning.

Where could these workshops, presentations or coaching services be most helpful? Any community where tourism operators, destination marketing teams, economic development officers, and community experience partners (artists, chefs, musicians, food producers, guides, fishers, sculptors, writers, brewers, winemakers and distillers, or other makers) wish to learn about what experiential tourism is, how to collaborate, and how to create experiences. This is most often experiential learning, where the sequence of learning activities involves a live experience followed by debriefs and learning activities, leading to a process and template for crafting new experiences.

Workshops & Presentations