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Earth Rhythms will contact you (email and phone) to confirm receipt of this enquiry and to discuss your requirements. We would appreciate your assistance with the following, so that we can more easily discuss how we can best assist you.

What type of community-based tourism training (or conference presentation) are you or your community partners seeking? Please check all that are applicable.

Tourism Product Development
Experiential Travel (Learning Travel) product development
Non-traditional marketing tactics
Niche Marketing
Web tactics for a web-savvy travel marketplace
Mentoring or coaching of suppliers
Community partnerships and collaboration
Other. Please specify.

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If you were to identify the three top outcomes (an outcome is what you would like your colleagues or friends to leave with as behaviours, feelings, or results) as a result of Earth Rhythms' services, what might they be?





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Thank you for your enquiry. The information you have provided will help us to ask you the right questions, save you time, and provide you with a number of very creative ideas. We look forward to talking with you.

Sincerely yours,
Celes Davar, President
Earth Rhythms, Inc.