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SEASON: All year (departure times vary based on length of day)
MINIMUM: 2 person, 3 - 6 person rates
LENGTH: 3.0 - 4.0 hours
PRICE: $135.00pp + GST (2 person minimum); $115.00pp + GST (3 - 6 persons)

Join Celes Davar, an award-winning photographer to visit a few of his special places that other travelers do not know about (we travel by car, by hiking on trails, and by hiking off-trail on animal trails into locations where we have had luck viewing wildlife in the past).   This outdoor adventure is meant to provide you with the opportunity to practice with your camera in outdoor, wildlife, and nature settings with instruction from your guide.  You will take away a number of images of scenery, wildlife habitat and whatever wildlife we see during the outing.  There is nothing like being out first thing in the morning in the Riding Mountain highlands, regardless of which season it is.

All year (each season brings a special light and special photographic opportunities)


  • 2 persons: $135.00pp + GST
  • 3 – 6 persons: $115.00pp + GST
  • Single person (customized program): Please call for rates.

What is included?

  • Your personal photographic guide with over 27 years of photographing in the area, personal stories and insights into the history and nature of Riding Mountain National Park.
  • Identification of wildlife, tracks, scats, and other signs
  • Your 10 tips booklet to nature compositions
  • Check out some off-trail views, learn to "read the landscape" and bring your camera with you (digital, point & shoot, or your 35mm telephoto).
  • Instruction and assistance with your camera, technique, and finding unique locations to photograph
  • Your 10 tips booklet to seeing and composing strong images Identification of animals, birds, plants,We'll try a couple of exercises to improve your nature and travel photos. This is really about seeing in new ways and in new places.
  • Guiding to some of Celes's favorite spots, and unique photo locations (depends on time of year);
  • We provide field guides, booklets, and spotting scopes during the outing.
  • For 2 - 3 persons, we provide our vehicle. Above, 3 persons, we recommend that our client bring a second vehicle.
  • Hot beverages

What is not included?
  • Park Admission Fees – we can arrange these for you if you have not already purchased your park admission passes.  Or, you can pick them up at the front desk of the Elkhorn Resort.
  • Your warm clothing, boots, and other personal items to ensure that you stay warm during your morning outing.
  • Cameras, tripods, digital media, film, or other personal equipment