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Celebrations With Purpose

Celebrations with Purpose are customized events in which you identify a very specific purpose, which becomes the theme for an event – perhaps it is a celebration of your company’s 1st, 5th, or 10th anniversary, or it is time to recognize the team, or perhaps you have just completed a major project.  We help you to bring to life exactly what you want to celebrate and share with others.

Whether you stay at the Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa, with friends, or at other accommodations,  Earth Rhythms’ Celebrations With Purpose provide a sophisticated and yet simple combination of learning, celebration, regional  cuisine (with a low carbon footprint), and amazingly innovative experiences designed for fun and learning.  You'll leave with wonderful memories about each other, a love of Riding Mountain and area.

The overall result is a feeling of having had a professionally rewarding and relaxing getaway.  For small and medium-sized groups, the key is that we help you to identify exactly what you are looking for.  Using our network of over 50 partners from the worlds of art, cuisine, nature, culture, and wellness, we create an itinerary that is both inspiring and provides personal space to just relax.

How do you book a Celebrations With Purpose outing?

Step 1: 
Complete our online application request.  It's very short, and helps us to return a call to you with some basic information about your group.  Submit Your Request...  Let us know if you would like to build in a morning or afternoon coffee/nutrition service with this, and we will do the rest of the planning.

Step 2:  We'll call you and discuss your group's needs, interests, and how we might tweak or adapt one of the above adventure intensives, and whether you wish to have the coffee break combo as we have suggested above.

Step 3:  We'll provide you with a final price quote for the adventure intensive customized to your groups' needs, the numbers in  your group, and what we anticipate the logistics and equipment requirements to be.

We are blessed with having clients who ask for more than the obvious, who request the unexpected, who take pride in showing off this province to others.  Sharon Plaitin, from Points West Marketing asked for just some of these expectations to be incorporated into a special event that they needed to create. 

Sharon writes… " company was to host a sales meeting involving 16 people from Canada, United States, Finland, Sweden, and England.  It was important to my pride and reputation to find the best possible venue not only for the meeting but more importantly, for an excursion on the day following the meeting.  Celes put together a perfect day that none of us will ever forget.  In my wildest and most hopeful imaginings, I had no idea what a success it would be.  I feel totally confident about recommending the professional services of Celes Davar and Earth Rhythms, and I would not hesitate using him again if the occasion arises."

-Sharon Plaitin, VP
Points West Marketing, Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba.