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Adventure Intensives for Teams

These Earth Rhythms Adventure Intensives are the perfect "plug-in" for your conference, retreat, or meeting.  With our skilled facilitators, we bring a delightful short adventure to your team in the middle of your busy program.  Providing fresh air, active engagement, and short intensive debriefs, these adventure intensives are intended to provide your group with energy, new insights, and a break from the rest of your program.  Advance reservation is required.

Bringing balance to your retreat through activities that involve everyone in a short period of time with a fun challenge or adventure, is our specialty.  Our unique outdoor intensives, hosted in the dramatic natural setting of Riding Mountain National Park, are designed to engage and challenge group members while at the same time provide an opportunity for teams to connect, perform, and celebrate.  While staying at the Elkhorn Resort, energize and learn with an Earth Rhythms Adventure Intensive.
The Earth Rhythms Adventure Intensives listed below might be the perfect answer to the following question that your retreat or conference coordinator may be asking....."We have a pretty full agenda, but we are looking for something unique to add some energy, fun and learning to our retreat.  Also, it would be great if it could be outdoors close to the Elkhorn.  Having some fresh air and engaged intensive activity together outdoors would just cap off our retreat perfectly......In fact, if we could combine the outdoor activity with a really great coffee and tea service offsite in the national park would be terrific."   Earth Rhythms makes these wishes come true. 

1.  GPS Adventure Quest
Travel in teams using GPS receivers to uncover treasures (an adventure quest) unique to Riding Mountain national park. Use the most current technologies to communicate strategies and information as you depend on your team members to collaborate to succeed.
For groups of 2 - 20
*4 seasons-2.5 hours  (Can be customized to longer time periods and combined with other activities.)
2.  Leave No Trace – Quest for Fire
Embark on a journey with Leave No Trace Master Educator, Mick Lautt, as your team embarks on a treasure hunt to snoop out appropriate materials to create fire.  This is no ordinary quest!  You will be challenged.  Using age old wilderness skills paired with the latest Leave No Trace techniques, you will build and transport a fire together, while leaving minimal impact on the natural surroundings.  But, you'll have to discover the tools for fire-making first.  Enjoy an “over the fire” Riding Mountain regional cuisine snack as a reward for your efforts.
For groups of 2 - 20
* 4 seasons-2.5 hours
3.  Giant Steps
This outdoor “construction challenge” gets your team working together  to design, construct, and operate a simple structure that will see team members taking “Giant Steps” along the path to effective communication, support, trust, and collaboration.   This is one you need to be there, to feel it, to experience it, to realize it!  And, it will take everyone's energy, assistance and capabilities...this is definitely not one of those do it by yourself activities.
For groups of 8 - 30
*4 seasons- 2.5 hours.
4.  Team Adventure Challenge
Join an expert experiential learning facilitator from Earth Rhythms for a powerful, customized team development experience. Journey into the forest surrounding the Elkhorn Resort for a series of connected Team Challenges designed to draw out your best and push your team to the next level of performance. 
For groups of all sizes.  Team challenges are created in ways that meet the size and needs of your group.
*4 seasons- 3 hours  (Can be customized to be a full-day experience as well.)

Fees are based on the number in your group, because we will need to tweak the program logistics, equipment, and activities to meet the needs of your group, and your group size. 

A conference planning suggestion for your consideration:
Coffee Break and Adventure Intensive:

The Elkhorn Resort and Earth Rhythms have teamed up to create a new package for you and your group.  We can combine the outdoor Adventure Intensive with an Elkhorn-catered offsite coffee/nutrition/snack service.  It will be catered to a location in the park where we will be having the adventure challenge.  This offsite nutrition service will feature fair trade coffee, local teas, and locally made snacks to emphasize our commitment to producing food that has a low carbon footprint.

How do you book an Earth Rhythms Adventure Intensive?

Step 1:  Complete our online application request.  It's very short, and helps us to return a call to you with some basic information about your group.  Submit Your Request...  Let us know if you would like to build in a morning or afternoon coffee/nutrition service with this as we have described above, and we will do the rest of the planning.

Step 2:  We'll call you and discuss your group's needs, interests, and how we might tweak or adapt one of the above adventure intensives, and whether you wish to have the coffee break combo as we have suggested above.

Step 3:  We'll provide you with a final price quote for the adventure intensive customized to your groups' needs, the numbers in  your group, whether we are including a coffee break/nutrition service as part of the offsite adventure, and what we anticipate the logistics and equipment requirements to be.